Pencil Post Bed

$2,415.00 - $2,640.00 85"L x 65" or 81"W

The Pencil Post Bed remains popular several centuries after it was introduced and for good reason; the design is classic yet highly adaptable. This handmade bed is our modern furniture version of a 300-year old classic. The slender, octagonal posts gently taper at the bottom. Vary the wood in the Pencil Post Bed to fit comfortably in a wide variety of bedroom furniture settings, from traditional to contemporary. 

The Pencil Post Bed is available with simple, unadorned posts – but can be modified to include a canopy and finials; the headboard height is 46" H with a post height of 80". The solid hardwood side rails are generous to give you great support.

Crafted of American hardwood chosen for figure,color and traditionally joined; this bed will keep its integrity and beauty for generations.To see more of our furniture collection visit Shaker Style and Tables by Trade.

All our handmade furniture is built on site in our New Hampshire workshop. Please click the button below to check on availability, customization or ask a question.